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Just One Day Series

Just One Day

– Winter

One mum – one endless to-do list. A funny, heart-warming page turner.

Thirty-eight-year-old Louisa has a loving husband, three wonderful kids, a faithful dog, a supportive family and a gorgeous house near Glasgow. What more could she want?


Louisa would like, just once, to get to the end of her never-ending to-do list. With her husband Ronnie working offshore, she is demented trying to cope with everything on her own: the after-school clubs, the homework, the appointments … the constant disasters. And if he dismisses her workload one more time, she may well throttle him.

Juggling running her own wedding stationery business with family life is taking its toll, and the only reason Louisa is still sane is because of her best friends and her sisters.

Fed up with only talking to Ronnie about household bills and incompetent tradesmen, when a handsome stranger pays her some attention on her birthday weekend away, she is flattered, but will she give in to temptation? And will she ever get to the end of her to-do list?

Just One Day

– Spring

Mum-of-three Louisa thought she only had her never-ending to-do list to worry about, but the arrival of a ghost from the recent past puts her in an untenable position. Can she navigate the difficult situation she’s in without their friendship becoming common knowledge or will it cause long-term damage to her marriage?

When a family member begins to suspect there’s more to her relationship with the new sous-chef than meets the eye, Louisa needs to think on her feet or she’ll dig herself into a deeper hole. But the cost of keeping her secret, not only from her husband, comes at a high price, one which tugs at her conscience.

With everyday niggles already causing a further rift between Louisa and husband Ronnie, will she manage to keep her family on track whilst her life spirals out of control? And when tragedy strikes, will Ronnie step up when she needs him most?

Just One Day

– Summer

For fans of Fiona Gibson, Cathy Bramley and Sarah Morgan.

What readers are saying about the Just One Day series:

This charming story, from a new to me author, will keep you engrossed and crying out for more.”

“Loved the highs and lows of Louisa’s story and her two sisters sound like fun. Would love to hear more about the three amigos.”

“How can so much be added to a list in Just One Day? This fresh, well-paced story will have you groaning in sympathy as things go from bad to worse. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and found that I could identify with the never lessening mountain of jobs. Highly recommended.”

This is very well written, and is a fun, enjoyable and entertaining read. The author has a great voice and engages the reader’s interest from the very beginning.”

“I loved this. It was a hectic story of family life. I can recommend reading this book. I want to read the others now.”

Just One Day

– Autumn

For fans of Sue Moorcroft, Jill Mansell and Holly Martin.

What readers are saying about the Just One Day series:

“I think Susan has a real gift for conveying the warmth and humour in her characters and reflecting the reality of people’s lives.”

“Great book couldn’t put it down, didn’t want it to end. Love this author’s writing style. Pure enjoyment to read.”

“A book that’s packed with everything. I feel readers will relate and sympathise with Louisa. Instead of things going right for her, they start going wrong, then she has a chance encounter……. one where she could lose a lot. Highly Recommend This Book”

“This is a light-hearted read with a few twists. Can highly recommend for a really good down-to-earth escape.”

“Overall, this was a fun read, where you come to love the characters very quickly. I definitely recommend it for providing a distraction for a few hours.”

“This was a well-written and engaging story of the multiple demands on a working mom’s time, and I could fully relate and smile along in understanding.”

Also available from Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and your local bookshop